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Terms & Conditions

Description of Binding Agreement

These terms and conditions serve as a binding agreement between the property owner, hereby identified as “customer” and Moss Management Ltd cleaning and its owners, employees, and subcontractors, for the execution or services in exchange for payment for residential or commercial external cleaning services to include roof cleaning, pressure washing, gutter clearing, fascia, soffit and window cleaning. The services that Moss Management Ltd cleaning provide to you are subject to the following terms and we reserve the right to update the terms and conditions any time without notice to you. You can review the Terms and conditions by clicking on the Terms and conditions links via our website, email communications or any other communications such as quote or invoice links.



Customer agrees to allow Moss Management Ltd cleaning on the property for the purposes of completing any of the services requested. Customer understands that the services we offer will be completed in the timeframe given during the quotation, sometimes due to various factors, service may run over schedule. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, vehicle breakdowns or anything else out of our control, we may need to reschedule our service to the next available business day. Customer understands that the Moss Management Ltd will do their best to accommodate for a quick reschedule but we will have to work around other scheduled customers and weather.


Risks and Releases of Liability Acknowledgement

Moss Management Ltd technicians are trained in the equipment used in the cleaning industry and take extreme precautions in making sure we do not cause harm to your investment. Moss Management Ltd uses safe techniques with the use of low-pressure steam or scrapping, however, damage can still occur to any delicate surface due to poor maintenance, neglect to the property and or low-grade building materials. Routine maintenance per manufacture’s recommendations on the home’s surfaces, should be implemented by homeowners to avoid any potential defects. Prior to cleaning the roof any areas of concern need to be addressed by the homeowner to insure a watertight seal. This will prevent damage from occurring. The homeowner assumes all the risks and takes responsibility for any damage that occurs due to improper maintenance.

On the date of service, Moss Management Ltd will note any pre-existing damage and take photos of any noted damage. If any new damage is found during the cleaning process, Moss Management Ltd will cease all cleaning efforts until the customer can see the damage and acknowledge its existence.

Customer understands that Moss Management Ltd has set procedures to ensure plant life around the area of cleaning is protected. If any issues arise with plant life around the area of cleaning, the company will evaluate to see if plant life will recover or if it has been killed. Moss Management Ltd will then determine plan of action after evaluation of plant life.


Roof Cleaning acknowledgement

Customer understands that any existing damage, cracked tiles, loose cement or any other flaws in the roofing system may be more noticeable and apparent during or after cleaning. Moss Management Ltd operatives will take photos where possible of any clearly visible damage prior to commencing the works. When the roof is covered with debris, those flaws may not stand out as much as it would be after it has been cleaned. Most of the time those issues are pointed out to the customer during pre-inspection or during cleaning process, but some roof tiles may have weathered and degraded under moss and debris more than others, this may have already caused the tile to change colour in places and loose some of its original coating. Customer understands that Moss Management Ltd staff may not find every flaw and is not reliable if it is more noticeable after cleaning unless it is found to be of negligence on company end. Customer understands that all our operators have relevant experience and knowledge, safe contractor accredited and fully insured. Customer understands that although every precaution and effort is taken by our experienced operatives to leave the site clean and tidy, that some small reminiscence of the cleaning works may become apparent after completion of service, Customer also understands that our biocide treatment is will not cause any discoloration or damage to the roof. It will not cause any harm or damage to the surrounding plant life, environment or wildlife. It should be noted that out treatment is harmful to fish and therefore customer shall notify us of any ponds, lakes, tanks etc. on the property so that we can adequately prepare and ensure no harm is caused. Customer understands that they must shut off all outside electrical outlets and fixtures prior to service.

Customer agrees to allow Moss Management Ltd to utilize their water source via outdoor supply, which will be turned on and easily accessible on the date of service. If on well water, or if in an area with low water pressure or volume, customer agrees to inform the company and will avoid using any water dependant appliances during the cleaning service to ensure the best possible flow rates for our cleaning service. If customer’s water source is not sufficient for cleaning service, they must inform the company so we can adequately prepare.


On the Day of the Service:

 - Please have an outdoor water tap supply activated and accessible.

 - Please have all windows and doors shut tightly.

 - Please ensure you have shut off all outside electrical outlets and fixtures prior to arrival.

 - Please have all pets inside before and during cleaning.

 - Please clear the work areas of all items and remove all sensitive materials from the areas being cleaned such as flags,                   doormats, and vehicles. (we will do our best to assist moving plants, furniture etc. on day of service).

 - Please avoid using water during the cleaning service to ensure no loss of pressure or volume.

 - Please ensure you have notified any neighbours of the work so they are aware of noise, mess etc. on the day.

 - We will ensure that any neighbouring property is left clean and tidy before we leave site.

Content Release & Use

Customer agrees to allow Moss Management Ltd to utilize any photos, videos, reviews or descriptions of the property in the context of advertising for the company. The company will use these photos, videos or descriptions without any compensation to the customer. The media will be solely used for advertising and training purposes. The customer agrees not to seek punitive action in a civil court or law regarding the use of the above media. We will not include sensitive information such as addresses or names.


If Any Damage Occurs

Moss Management Ltd will be obligated under our terms and conditions for any damage that was a direct result of operator error, negligence, or wilful misconduct. Damages must be discovered and reported to Moss Management Ltd within 3 days of completion of service. Moss Management Ltd will be allowed 30 calendar days from the date of written receipt to inspect the premises and have the sole option in repairing or contracting repair to any damages that was result of negligence.

Payment Terms

Payment is due upon completion of work unless other arrangements were made between the customer and Moss Management Ltd. If a different arrangement occurs, this will be documented and confirmed by both parties. We accept forms of payment to include cash or bank transfer.


Acceptance of Terms

By accepting a quotation the customer agrees to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. You authorize Moss Management Ltd to do the work as specified on the quotation. You release our company from property damage unless it is caused by negligence or wilful misconducts. Moss Management Ltd is not responsible for damage to loose material, paint, wood, trim or windows that was previously noted as damaged or found during the cleaning process

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